Music: Sigur Rós

sigurros2013v2-640x378watched on: 14 May 2013
at: Nippon Budokan (this photo isn’t mine, though!)

I bought the tickets to go to this back in November. It’s the first time I’ve seen Sigur Rós performing live (although I did see Jónsi a couple of years ago when he was doing a solo tour). The concert was held in the massive Budokan (martial arts hall) in central Tokyo, and I think there must have been about 10,000 people there. As a side note, it resembles the Central Hall of my university, so I almost felt like I was going in for an exam!

The music was very good, as always, and I got to hear some of their newest songs (I am now waiting for the album to be delivered – but from the UK, because I had an Amazon voucher) ahead of time. And hearing some of the songs, particularly the finale with “Popplagið”, was very exciting for me. They played a lot of their older stuff as well as their standard crowdpleasers. So, fine.

But the venue was kinda horrible. I was so far away that I could only see tiny little figures playing on stage. It was very hot inside (thankfully it wasn’t full-on summer yet), and I didn’t have a proper chair, so I started getting backache quickly. I feel like I’ve been permanently priced out of getting the decent seats at venues like this – the ticket was quite expensive as is! Afterwards I tried to buy merchandise but the T-shirts all seemed too small for me, and then trying to leave was a nightmare because there were so many people squeezing through a very thin gate to get out of the area.

Even the performance wasn’t without fault: the music was fine, of course, but there was excessive strobe-lighting on some of the pieces, to the point where I had to just close my eyes and bear it. The other lighting design was mostly mellow, with candle-like lights glowing across the stage.

And I still don’t get why encores are a thing. Glad I went though!


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