Film #86: Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

big10_musical4director: Joe Gallen
language: English
length: 89 minutes
watched on: 6 May 2013

As the final part of my spree I watched this. I remember this being hilariously funny, but I think that’s because when I watched it the first time I was around 16 – ie, the target audience. Now I find a lot of it overplayed and I don’t find most of the jokes funny (although I caught more of the references than I did the first time, because I’ve seen the movies they refer to since then, such as The Breakfast Club or American Beauty). But I still laughed, and it’s in a whole other league than things like Epic Movie.

Of course, don’t go in looking for something intelligent. The plot is lifted straight from “She’s All That” (although I haven’t seen that one so I don’t know how exactly), and successfully parodies the fact that all the heroine has to do to become “beautiful” is to take off her glasses and let her hair down. All the characters are stock characters (“the Jock”, “the Geek”, “the Cheerleader”, etc), and they get around this by having them explicitly point out their flaws. But beyond that there’s little substance.

Similarly, while most of it is straight parody making references and jokes, there was one gratuitous gross-out toilet humour scene that I could have done without. Overall, kind of funny but probably much better if you’re 17.


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