TV: The Outs (2012-2013)

-620x372created by: Adam Goldman, Jay Gillespie, Sasha Winters
language: English
length: 7 episodes, variable length (somewhere between 12 and 44 minutes each, 170 minutes total).
finished watching on: 2 May 2013

I think I found out about this through tumblr or something – one of the various sites on the web that I peruse. It’s a webseries, and all the episodes can be found by googling for the name of the series. As the name hints, it’s about a group of out gay friends in New York and their lives. It’s pretty good. Everyone’s attractive, which kind of makes me jealous, but it’s also very funny too.

The first episode hooked me, and I found myself the next day desperate to keep watching the series when I got home. The main three characters are Mitchell, his ex Jack and his best friend Oona. The two guys have broken up recently and hate each other. It’s a simple premise, and they work it into something really great. I’m also pretty much its exact target audience, which is always a bonus.

The jokes come thick and fast in places, although the series also knows when to hold back and let there be a moment of reflection. Some episodes go back and look at the past to see how the breakup happened, which was confusing until I got what was going on.

The supporting cast are also great. My favourite was the camp colleague who keeps making inappropriate jokes to the main character. Pretty much every time he was onscreen I was laughing.

I think one of the reasons I might fault this would be that everyone’s beautiful, as I mentioned. That and the fact that they have a tight-knit gay posse makes me jealous, because it basically shows exactly the type of friendship that I don’t have enough of in my life now.

There’s also the issue of the length. It’s only seven episodes long! It finished only a couple of months ago with the “Chanukah special”, a double length episode produced after the others, which were produced last year, in which some of the loose threads get tied up. I wanted more. I think most people that watched this wanted more. I can understand why this happened, though: the show was funded mostly through Kickstarter and other similar crowdfunding sources, which made funding difficult in general. That, and actually there’s not much other place they could take the story now. I would be very happy if this is the beginning of a trend of TV shows aimed at 20-something gay men, as otherwise there’s not necessarily that much I can identify with, and I would be very happy if the makers of this series go on to make other great things too. I would like to watch out and see what those things are.


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