Game #20: Elephant Quest (2011)

elephant-quest-1author: jmtb02 of Armor Games
time it took to complete: about an hour or two
when: 10 January 2013

Just thought I would include this for completeness. I played it a couple of days after I moved into my new accommodation, still getting used to things. It’s a relatively new “elephant” game on the Armor Games website. But not as good as the previous elephant games like Achievement Unlocked or the like. It’s a platformer combined with RPG elements like collecting objects and talking to NPCs, and it has a world to explore. Now to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with it. It didn’t really grab my attentiont or make me think this was something I really needed to play, in the first place, and nor did it really challenge me in any way. Nor was it particularly memorable. Altogether, pretty dull.

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