Book #24: Trivia on the Loo (2012)

trivia-on-the-loocompiler: Kelly Owen
language: English
length: 80 pages
finished on: 1 January 2013

Ah, just gonna throw this one in quickly. I don’t read on the toilet, never have. And while it’s true that I watch a lot of QI (mainly as a sleeping aid, though), lists of trivia like this are tiresome for me, so to be honest, a little bit of a disappointing Christmas present. That sounds ungrateful of me, but if I don’t actually say that out loud, the message will definitely never get through and I’m much more liable to get a similar book next year.

It took me like half an hour to flick through the whole thing, as there wasn’t much substance to it. As I don’t read on the toilet, there was no utility in bringing it back with me to Japan after I’d read through it once. It was seriously such a bad book that I felt like circling every blatant factual error and sending it back to the publishers for proofreading purposes. Many of them were oft-repeated urban legends that I now know to be false, but many were just outright wrong. Only a few of the facts were interesting, but not enough that I remember them four months later (that’s what I get for not updating regularly, I guess).

I couldn’t really find much information on the book online, though. I actually think it’s something that Marks & Spencers threw together last minute as a stocking filler, which would go some way to explaining (but not excusing) the laziness of the fact-checking.


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