TV: Breaking Bad Season 5 (2012)

Created by: Vince Gilligan
Language: English, Spanish
Length: 8 episodes, 45 minutes
Finished watching on: 16 September 2012

This is Breaking Bad’s latest season, which I watched in August and September, this time only very shortly after it was officially shown in America. Except that for some unfathomable reason, they’ve split what they call season 5 into two half-seasons, the second of which will be released next year. I personally can’t see what here is the difference between calling them season 5A and 5B, and calling them season 5 and 6. Perhaps they were produced at the same time? Or perhaps it’s because this season was only, unfortunately, half the length of an ordinary season. (Yet season 1 is the same!)

Anyway, we get a few major plot developments in this series and we let the characters develop. The creators leave the show hanging precariously off a cliff in the final scene, in a frustrating yet somehow satisfying way, and observant viewers will notice a flashforward in the first episode of the series. Still good, anyway, and there’s not really much else I can add to my previous review.


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