Film #61: The Hangover (2009)

20120802-192030.jpgdirected by: Todd Phillips
language: English
length: 97 minutes
watched on: 25 July

Awful, racist and homophobic.

I guess I’ll never understand the American straight guy tradition of the bachelor party. OK, so we have the tradition in the UK, too, but I’ve never been close enough to someone to get invited on one. This was just some kind of exploitative rubbish that got churned out of someone’s dick the other year.

To some extent their situation is relatable for me, in that I’ve certainly had drunken nights that I can’t remember, and the hyperbole (they find a tiger in their bathroom and a baby in the cupboard) is indeed a standard comedic device which has the potential to work. Overall, the premise could quite easily have made a good movie. However, they didn’t pull it off. It’s just like all the Judd Apatow movies (and that is, to be fair, what I expected of it, so I guess it didn’t underperform on those expectations, but still!), only those weren’t so bad. I mean I remember laughing more than twice in the entire movie at those ones… After a while I kind of sat in dull disbelief at what I was watching.

Apart from the racism and homophobia, which I can’t really be bothered going into in much detail (the main antagonist is a camp Chinese man, along with the incessant “no homo” type gags), it also rehashes some very old and demonstrably false stereotypes about Las Vegas – particularly that you can get married on such short notice while steaming drunk. Also, what is a beautiful woman like Heather Graham doing with a cunt like whoever the fuck it was she married, who was off his face when they met? And the plot is almost exactly the same as that episode of The Simpsons from ten years earlier.

It’s just not worth anyone’s time – don’t bother!! Unfortunately, audience figures were still high for the movie, enough that they made a sequel. No thanks.


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