TV: QI Pilot

20120802-190110.jpgProduced by: John Lloyd
Language: English, and Dutch for some reason
Length: 45 minutes I think
Watched on: 18 July

It’s always interesting to look back at the earliest version of a show you know quite well and this is no exception. This version of QI, only released on DVD and not broadcast on actual TV, uses a completely different set to the main show and has no screens, but all the other elements are there: for instance, Alan Davies, the General Ignorance round, and individual buzzers (although it was Eddie Izzard who got the “joke” buzzer, and they were mechanical things like kazoos rather than electronic like in the main show).

In form, it is mostly the same. There are more “named” rounds (presumably they decided that cutting it to just General Ignorance would be less confusing). Mercifully, Stephen Fry doesn’t spend too long reciting anecdotes, which he does more often in series “A” – a feature that they later cut down to one per episode (as a “stinger” just before the credits).

Anyway, it was a good panel, for years it was Eddie Izzard’s only appearance, plus it also has Bill Bailey and some other guy I didn’t recognize (Kit Hesketh-Harvey… or something), who hasn’t been back on the main show. What also amused me was when Fry announced that they had to end the show because they were running out of tape… now of course this would never happen because the show is so successful and has a presumably massive budget…


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