TV: QI – Series “I”

20120622-155147.jpgCreated by: John Lloyd
Language: English
Length: 15 XL episodes (45 mins) and 1 30 minute episode
Finished watching on: 3 June 2012

The BBC basically made a big hash of this series of QI, which is why I’ve only finished it just recently. One episode was cancelled due to Jeremy Clarkson making some stupid irrelevant remark (which, if I remember correctly, was taken completely out of context), and only shown later in the year, while another was postponed for Shakespeare week or something. Oh, for heaven’s sakes… Basically, one knock-on effect of this is that nobody’s sure what the official order of episodes is supposed to be. Plus, Clarkson’s episode was actually accidentally released on iPlayer because someone forgot to tell the site admin or something.

As for the show itself, it’s kind of more of the same. I like the return of a themed question per episode, last seen a few years ago with elephant-themed questions, and this time with questions with no known answer. A couple of the episodes were a bit tiresome, such as the one featuring a ventriloquist and her dummy (it’s one of those performing arts that I’ve never really understood), but in some others they have quite formidable guests: the eminent Brian Cox in one, Ben Goldacre in another, and they finally accomplished the admirable feat of getting Brian Blessed on for the Christmas episode. Apart from that, it’s nothing special really, just more of the same. Alan Davies is getting smarter though.


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