TV: American Dad Seasons 4-6 (2008-2011)

Created by: Seth Macfarland, Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman
Language: mainly English, some Japanese et al.
Length: 57 (20, 18 and 19 resp.) episodes, 22 minutes each.
Finished watching on: 2, 9, 14 May 2012

I last watched American Dad about two years ago, when I was still in York. At that time, season 6 wasn’t yet out, and I got about halfway through season 5 before I couldn’t find a reliable source for a particular episode and gave up. So watching it this month, spurred on by the gift of season 5 from a friend, was to catch up on the episodes I’d missed. Actually, season 5 turned out to be an incorrectly-labelled season 4, because this (along with Futurama) is one of those shows with inconsistently named seasons. So I ended up watching three seasons.

Frankly, season 6 was nothing special; just more of the same. I can’t really remember anything specific from it, although I really enjoy this show, so I got a few laughs out of it.

As for the show itself, it’s a lot better than Family Guy, despite being made by the same people. Evidently it was supposed to be the political counterpart to Family Guy, but it quickly established itself with a different style of humour, and now that Seth Macfarland uses Family Guy to espouse his political views via Brian, it seems that Family Guy is now American Dad’s political counterpart.

Some of the jokes were getting a bit old with this latest season, I have to say. One recurring theme is that Stan never learns any lessons about the world, and yet he gets a new life lesson thrown at him every week… and still the next week he’s back to his same-old inconsiderate self. And what with the “cartoon time” slowing everything down, Steve is still a 14-year-old virgin even after six years of the show, and that’s also starting to get a bit old.

Hayley, previously neglected somewhat in the recent seasons, has a “B-storyline” in several episodes of season 5 about her romantic relationships, and does get married at the beginning of season 6, so there is at least a bit of character development there.

So yeah, it’s still funny, but I think they will need to come up with new ways to make the jokes fresh sooner or later.


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