Game #17: Windosill (2009)

Created by: Patrick Smith
Length: 10 levels
Language: none
Played on: 22 April 2012

This game garnered a bit of critical recognition when it was released, and they were even held in high enough regard by the producers of The IT Crowd that they had a special IT Crowd-themed selection of levels made as the menus of the DVD. Indeed, in my review of the same, I specifically complained that the menus had been themed after an “obtuse puzzle game from the internet” that I hadn’t even heard of.

To be honest, having played it, I don’t really know what all the fuss was about. It’s nothing special, and it’s just as obtuse as it had seemed from an outsider’s viewpoint.

Anyway, I only played it because it was in a Humble Bundle… that’s where I get all of my games from these days. I hardly have time to play them all, though, which is annoying. There are plenty of games like Super Meat Boy or Osmos which I haven’t reviewed because I haven’t “officially” completed them yet, which is a perennial problem with me and computer games. I get near the end and kinda get bored or give up, and when I come back to the game, I’m not in the swing of it so it’s too hard. And I’m too neurotic to break the rule. But I’ll get to them someday, I’m sure.

Of course, Windosill isn’t anything like the aforementioned games because it’s not set in some sprawling multiworld complex with hundreds of levels. Indeed, it only has ten. I was honestly expecting more, and this is exactly where the game falls down in my opinion. It’s kind of nice in a way; the graphics are quite smooth and the world is sort of abstract and intriguing, but it doesn’t really go anywhere when it only has ten levels. It felt like it had more potential than that.

The gameplay leaves something to be desired too; it basically consists of pointing and clicking on everything in the playing field until something happens. This is how I feel about most point-and-click adventures, to be fair (even otherwise brilliant games like Machinarium suffer from this problem in my opinion).

So, too much hype in the casual gaming world led to a bigger disappointment for me. I’d say it wasn’t worth my time, but it only takes about half an hour to complete, so you might as well play it, because it is quite nice. That said, I don’t think I’d bother paying money for it; the way I see it, whatever I paid for the Humble Bundle was in order to play Botanicula, and this was like a freebie extra. That reminds me, I ought to finish Botanicula


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