Game #16: Continuity 2: The Continuation (2011)

By: Guy Lima Jr, Stefan Mikaelsson, Elias Holmlid
Length: 51 levels
Finished on: 22 Mar 2012

A sweet little game that I played on my phone recently. The original Continuity was a free Flash game, simple in its conceit and ending with very hard levels. It’s a puzzle platformer, in which you can zoom out and slide the rooms round to make a new arrangement.

This is more of the same, but only for iOS (which annoys the piss out of anyone who hasn’t got such a machine, naturally). If you think about it, the reason for restricting it to a mobile platform might become clear eventually – a certain added mechanic to the game that I don’t want to give away at the moment! But in general, restricting it felt a bit pointless and annoying, at least until I actually acquired a device capable of using it.

The controls are pretty smooth – you touch one side of the screen or the other to move, and swipe up to jump, and it’s a double-touch to zoom out and play the characteristic sliding-puzzle game. I haven’t found another game yet with such simple controls, although to be fair I haven’t really been looking very hard.

As for the levels, they were suitably complex, keeping me busy for a few days, although there was only one that was truly difficult – it was the type of level for which it’s easy to see what to do but very difficult to pull off (I know them all too well from Lemmings!), to the point where you start to doubt that that could possibly be the solution. And then it does eventually turn out to be that way.

Definitely worth a play if you have an iphone and a spare dollar, anyway. If you don’t have an iphone, it’s worth trying to see if a friend will let you play it on theirs. Don’t expect anything too fancy, though. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, Continuity 1 is available for free as a flash game, so actually, maybe you should just go and play that!


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