Game #15: Edge (2008)

By: Matthieu Malot & David Papazian
Language: English
Length: 48 levels (plus bonus and extended)
Finished on: 14 Mar 2012

Another game that I got through a Humble Bundle, this was originally designed for mobile platforms, so I also ended up buying it for my phone so that I could play it on the bus. The main reason to get it is probably the music, but the gameplay is also simple and addictive.

You play a cube going around an isometric 3D maze, and the title Edge comes from your ability to tip up onto your side and cling onto moving blocks with the edge of the cube. It kinda makes more sense in context, although it’s probably the biggest learning curve in the game and takes a bit of getting used to in terms of controlling it.

To complete the game 100%, there are a bunch of collectible tokens scattered around, although working out how to get to them can be confusing and counterintuitive. Sometimes you have to use your minimap to find a block hidden by the isometric view, or just trust that stepping somewhere will activate a moving block to take you somewhere.

The game has really taken the idea of a dynamic maze and run with it, and many levels require some degree of reflexes to complete. The last level of the extended set of levels is particularly fiendish in this regard; it took me over an hour to complete on the mobile version. This was mainly to do with the difficulty of the using the controls on the mobile version, as the computer version didn’t take me so long, despite still being very difficult. I found using the keyboard to be far easier to use than the tiny keypad that you get given on the phone, although it’s slightly counterintuitive as you have to get used to converting “up” into a northeast direction, and so on.

There are a couple of alternative control systems on the mobile version: touching the corners of the screen, which I found difficult, and using the accelerometer – ie, having the cube move in the direction that you tip your phone physically – but I think the latter was probably provided as some kind of novelty.

Anyway, overall it’s simple and addictive, doesn’t have a big learning curve, and is fun. My main criticism would be that there aren’t very many truly challenging levels (the final extended level is, of course, a worthy exception!). I’d say ideally it also needs some sort of level editor, although the levels are probably too complicated for that to be practical (there are usually some very complex things going on everywhere!). Now that I’ve finished the game, you see, its only replay value is time trials, which I don’t like and am not good at! Oh well, it definitely comes with a recommendation, in any case!


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