Film #53: The Big Lebowski (1998)

Directed by: Joel & Ethan Coen
Language: English
Length: 117 minutes
Watched on: 5 Mar 2012

Keeping with my veritable tradition, this review is over two months behind. I haven’t been sure whether to review on this blog films that I’ve watched before… I think generally I just go for it just as long as I’m not repeating myself. Well, anyway, this is the third time I’ve seen this film by the Coen brothers, because it’s very funny, and I was needing cheered up at the end of a tough week back at the beginning of March.

It’s one of the few films that I can recite back a few lines from (make of that what you will), and it is indeed a very popular film for doing that, although some of its best lines are rarely repeated – I posted some on Facebook and nobody noticed or recognised them. It’s a shame, really… more people should see this film.

It’s best known for being genre-busting, and it is indeed somewhat difficult to classify. It’s fairly obviously a comedy, but there are elements of film noir, and a narrator who thinks the film’s a western.

Just to quickly sum up, the characters are hilarious, the jokes come thick and fast, the direction is smooth and engaging, and the plot is satisfyingly incomprehensible (with zany scheme piled upon zany scheme several times over) and ultimately irrelevant. A good film all round.


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