Panto: The York Family Robinson

Watched on: 15 Dec 2011
Length: 3 hours
Language: English

It’s been four months since I went to see this pantomime, but I’ve been enjoying myself in Japan too much to care about this blog for too long now. Sorry.

Anyway, I went to York in December to see it, and my main remark is that it was one of their less remarkable ones. For a production that prides itself on not having much of a plot, this doesn’t really make much of a difference, though; I’ll be splitting hairs if I go into the reasons why, I guess, if I could remember most of them. Suffice to say that they could have had a more impressive slapstick/water throwing scene, from what memories I do have of it.

As with most York pantos, it was delightfully non-sequitur, and seeing it on opening night did mean that we got that special dress-rehearsal feel that you can’t replicate! I guess the plot was something to do with Robinson Crusoe, and they ended up in Australia for some reason. I don’t even know. Not important!

It’s also the last time I saw a bunch of people in York before I left for Japan in January, so all in all, I had a particularly fun weekend. That said, I think I spent about £40 in the Evil Eye – I think it was that weekend, at least! That place is like a sinkhole. Or at least I thought so before I started going out in Tokyo… things here are either ridiculously expensive or cheap, without much quality difference and without much in between. A large pricing gap, if you will.

So anyway, I love this panto, even though this time wasn’t the best. Berwick Kaler, the dame, is still a genius, and it was, I believe, my seventh time going to it. Trying to explain panto to Japanese students is quite fun, incidentally… a lot of the time they hear “mime” and think they know what I’m talking about. Nope.

Also, this post is quite exciting for me because I typed it out on my phone using my new wireless keyboard. Pretty cool!


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