Film #42: Weekend (2011)

Directed by: Andrew Haigh
Language: English
Length: 97 minutes
Watched on: 11 December 2011

Before I saw this, I had seen a couple of reviews that called it the best gay film of the year. I had snorted condescendingly at this, with a mixture of the sensations of “Yeah, right, they always say that!” and “OK, so maybe it is, but that wouldn’t be saying much!”

Actually, I still stand by the second one, but I want to try and raise that bar a little bit. Weekend is a genuinely good film in my book. It’s heartwarming and sweet, and it induces a warm sensation of longing in me.

Its plot consists of a weekend, during which two men, both a bit older than myself, hook up and quickly find that they have a lot in common and spend an increasing amount of time together – but one of them is leaving for America at the end of the weekend, and their rapidly-blossoming relationship is severed earlier than they’d have preferred.

On paper, there’s not much I should relate to personally, apart from the relatively trivial fact of preferring gentlemen over ladies: they’re older than me, and I’ve never really been much one for hooking up with people in clubs or becoming so close to someone so quickly, so there’s immediately one part of the film that is slightly alienating to me, just because I haven’t had that particular experience. In the end, none of that matters. Plenty of reviewers before me have rightly pointed out that it doesn’t really matter if you’re gay or straight, even, for this film to have an emotional impact on you and for you to relate to it.

There are a few other points that I can relate to, of course; I can relate to feeling a close emotional attachment to another man (although whether the gender here really matters is debatable), and I can relate to the fact that one of the characters is leaving the UK for a faraway and distant land.

And I think when it comes to it, it’s kind of just a film that I look at and want to happen to me, put simply, sad ending notwithstanding.

Anyway, it’s definitely worth watching, and I do recommend it to everyone.


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