Film #39: Sexy Beast (2000)

directed by: Jonathan Glazer
language: English
length: 89 minutes
watched on: 27 Nov

Ah, one of those many films that it’s taken me far too long to get around to watching! Let’s see, Ray Winstone’s character, Gal, is the embodiment of everything disgusting about British expats in Spain, and is an ex-criminal, and Ben Kingsley’s character, Don, is a very frightening man sent to try and get him to come back to London for a job. Simple enough. Throw in a love triangle, or… some other shape, perhaps, and it’s a recipe for a good psychological thriller.

I can’t remember all the details of said love triangles. Aside from relationships with the two women by the three men, there’s some very obvious paedophilic subtext with the very young poolboy, who shares a few moments with Gal (well, it could be one-way adoration by the boy), and steaming homoeroticism between several of the adult male characters too.

It’s quite a good movie overall, but it takes a different direction from what it seemed like it was going to take for the third act, and I thought it ruined the balance of tension and threat that they’d been building up with Kingsley’s character for the first part of the film. I think in general, it was a good film, but there were bits that could have been handled better.


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