Film #38: 127 Hours (2010)

directed by: Danny Boyle
language: English
length: 94 minutes
watched on: 11/11/11

A daredevil goes off frolicking in the desert of Utah, gets his arm trapped under a rock, and then can’t call for help, so is trapped there for five-and-a-half days. You can tell instantly from the beginning that he’s eventually going to have to saw his arm off – I’m just quite surprised that it takes him so long to finally do it and that he didn’t do it after the first day or so. Maybe it’s the hope of rescue. Of course, it’s slightly more horrific to contemplate when one realises that it’s based on a true story… which also means I can’t exactly complain that the story is unrealistic or anything!

Anyway, it starts of with loads of optimism and energy, Danny Boyle style – sometimes I think he has too much energy for his own good – and after about 20 minutes he gets trapped, and then the entire rest of the film rests on the one actor’s performance (except for some flashbacks with the French girl from Harry Potter), and the energy from the first act comes to a grinding halt. It’s not a bad performance by any means, but I didn’t find it that great. And overall, it wasn’t the most interesting of stories to watch, even though it does become harrowing in a couple of places. And at the very end, it has one of those things that I actually rather dislike in films: manipulative use of Sigur Rós music…

Overall, maybe worth watching but I don’t think there’s a lot to it storywise, and Danny Boyle has made better films, in my opinion.


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