Film #35: An Autumn Tale (1998)

aka: Conte d’automne
director: Éric Rohmer
language: French
length: 107 minutes
watched on: 6 November

For films that are so full of dialogue, Éric Rohmer’s works have a very simplistic quality to their plots, and I like them for that. There was something rather universal in the way this story is told, in such a way that I’m assured becomes more and more relevant as one grows older.

It’s a story of a woman who wants a relationship with a man but doesn’t do anything in particular about it (this is pretty much the perennial situation for me at the moment, which is the part that makes it the most relevant). But then her best friend and her daughter both attempt to set her up with someone. And yet the men are more interested in the other two women than in her. Light French farce ensues.

Rather slow pace with a lot of foreign language dialogue means that it can be easy to get distracted if you’re drinking and chatting at the same time as watching this film, but it gets a thumbs-up from me because I quite enjoyed the fact that it’s easy to see aspects of yourself in the characters in the story. Plus, quite aside from that, it also has very beautiful sweeping views of the south of France.


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