Game #13: Sleepy Stu’s Adventure

completed on: 23 Sep

This was a flash game that I basically played on a whim back in September. It continues the theme of gravity-defying games like the ones that I played in the Humble Bundle (VVVVVV and And Yet It Moves), and is quite hard in some places. I think I had to ragequit and come back to it the next day (being compelled to come back the next day is pretty much my criterion for inclusion in things such as these, when I haven’t downloaded it).

Anyway, it is a game with a fair bit of variety in its 50-or-so levels, and it’s quite fun to play. It does suffer from having a few too many movement mechanics, possibly, although it doesn’t get ridiculous with them. Learning how they all combine is fun, too, and trying to pull off some ridiculous stunt-like jump can be particularly amusing. They include things like hovering when you walk off the edge of a block, or being able to stick to the ceiling, or the good ol’ double jump.

Where the game excels (although it implements it a bit confusingly) is when it later starts to turn the new abilities off again (the explanation given is that the character Stu is sleepy, as the title suggests, and doesn’t have the energy for certain abilities). You get somewhat of a choice in what gets turned off, but there’s always a suggested inventory (and often I can’t see any other way to complete the level). Annoyingly, the game doesn’t show you these while actually playing – you have to pause/exit out of the level to see the set or change it and go back in again. It becomes apparent later on, however, that moving left and right are both considered “abilities” under this system, and can be turned off by the game. So this makes for an enjoyable twist at certain points in the game.

Fun, anyway, but it does (in a few places) require the same sort of reflexes as are useful for the likes of VVVVVV, so be warned. It does also need a better interface for switching abilities.


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