Film #31: I, Tintin (1980)

aka: Moi, Tintin
directors: Henri Roanne & Gérard Valet
language: French with English voiceover
length: 51 minutes
watched on: 5 October

I’m still working my way up to the big one – the new film. But this is a rather interesting documentary made a while back, which features a lot of very interesting footage about Hergé and Tintin.

It tells his life story again, which I’ve heard from many sources, so there wasn’t very much new in there for me. Yep, I know he’s accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and all the rest of it. I don’t really care about that; it happened a long time ago and he clearly did a bunch of stupid things at the time and apologized for them later. Let’s just leave that aside for the moment.

What was most interesting for me in this documentary was that it showed footage of Hergé meeting Zhang Zhong-ren, the Chinese man who was the basis for the character of Chang Chong-chen in the Tintin stories, for the first time in about 50 years; an emotionally charged reunion, albeit one in which the man was surrounded by people wanting to meet the man who had such an influence on Hergé, and was literally treated like royalty. I think he even had an audience with the Belgian queen or something ridiculous. It was sweet to watch them meeting again, however much he was treated like royalty.

The rest of the film didn’t really stay with me, to be honest. Again, it was good to see actual footage of Hergé himself speaking to the camera, and that’s about it; the rest of it I already knew.


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