Books #16 & 17: Moomin volumes 1 & 5

Finished on: 25 July and 15 August respectively.

I already wrote about Moomin volume 3 a few months back. To be honest, I don’t really have much to add about these volumes that hasn’t been said about volume 3.

I picked 1 and 5 rather randomly, possibly just by virtue of them being on the shelves in the library; they’re both cool for different reasons: volume 1 is of course the sort of genesis of Moomin. In the first story he doesn’t actually have parents, for instance. Volume 5 contained only stories that I hadn’t seen adapted to the TV series (unlike volume 3), which was also cool.

Its newspaper comic origins are still painfully obvious, however, with the storyline often taking an abrupt turn, and suspense generally not kept up for very long. In the second story, Moomin starts fretting about not having any parents, and sure enough, only about 4 strips later, two middle aged Moomins show up to take care of him – only 4 strips after that, they realise that they are actually his long-lost parents. I just found it slightly contrived and strange.

Anyway, it’s cool. I like the little patterns that emerge, like each story starting with a shot of Moomin’s big fat bum. Also, I’ve seen books 2 and 4 in the library, so I should probably check them out while I’m still in Edinburgh…


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