Film #23: Lost Highway (1996)

director: David Lynch
language: English
length: 128 minutes
watched on: 24 July

Let this be a lesson to you all: don’t leave it two months to write a review of a film that you were half-asleep while watching anyway. I find it hard enough to follow David Lynch’s films as it is, I have to say, and this was no exception, and I was very tired when I watched it, so I missed bits.

What I remember was good. There was a particularly surreal and comical scene where a gangster jumps out of his car and threatens a guy with a gun for tailgating, or something like that; I liked that. And there was the guy in the picture, whose function in the film I can’t quite remember; I just remember him being creepy as fuck.

Anyway, I’m partly only writing this for completeness, and so that I can get onto meatier topics…


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