Film #17: The Broken Hearts Club (2000)

by: Greg Berlanti
in: English
for: 91 mins
on: 26 Jun

This film apparently has the ridiculous subtitle “A Romantic Comedy” appended to its perfectly reasonable title. Like we can’t tell that or something. Like a lot of gay-themed movies, its purpose seems to be more reaching out to closeted folk to let them know that life is alright and you can have lots of friends, or a tale of the Power of Friendship, but doesn’t have much substance beyond that; at the end of the day, all the characters in this film are massive stereotypes, often fitting neatly into one subculture or another.

I don’t remember anything particularly interesting happening in the film until the last quarter of an hour, where hospitals become involved as people start dying or overdosing. There’s a romance which plays out in a very inevitable way right from the first scene in which the very cute love interest is revealed (first he’s unavailable, then he becomes available, then they fall out, etc), and that’s OK to watch, but the rest of the film seems to be all the young characters moaning about how awful their life is and how unattractive they all are (or in the worst case, how they’re having far too much casual sex), and yet I really just wanted to scream at them through my screen – it’s not that bad, you’re all attractive (or at least reasonable) and you live in fucking California, lighten up!

The film also suffers from having too many characters, and trying to focus on too many of them at once… but at the end of the day, the only reason I watched it was to see Zach Braff with bleached hair playing a gay guy. The idea amused me. So overall, boring, but not a complete waste of time, especially at 90 minutes, which is an excusable length for a film…


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