Book #14: Brideshead Revisited (1945)

author: Evelyn Waugh
finished on: 25 May

This book was alright. It’s an interesting account of the pre-war aristocracy, a world that is a bit alien to me. But I got bored of it as it progressed, frankly, as it got more and more onto the topic of religion and away from the very-blatantly-homosexual relationship between the young men at the start of the book, which I found more interesting. I seem to remember the ending being a bit dissatisfying, too.

Anyway, this blog post is just going to serve as a reminder for me to actually update, since it’s been now almost 3 months since I read it, so I’ve forgotten all the interesting things I’d have had to say about it. And there are other items I wish to review now instead, so I guess I’m kinda twisting my own arm by requiring them to be in consecutive order or something. Meh.


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