Book #13: Moomin volume 3

Moomin volume 3, or Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip – Volume 3 to give it its full title, is a delightful little collection of Moomin strips that I borrowed from the library a couple of months ago. It’s really the first Moomin thing I’ve read, besides possibly reading the children’s novels when I was a child, so at the moment I’ll only be comparing it to the cartoon… basically, the strips seem to follow the exact same storylines as several story arcs in the cartoon, which pleases me, because it means that the cartoon was faithful to the original stories.

It’s worth noting that this collection of four stories doesn’t feel much like a coherent comic book, however, since it’s very much a straight facsimile of the original strips, which seem to have been originally published in the newspaper-style single strip format. So often each strip will look substantially different from the last in terms of visual style or background, or they will lead to the occasional non-sequitur. This is fair enough really, since I get the impression that Jansson devoted more of her time to writing the actual novels. But I’d need to research that a bit more – I’m really just not sure at the moment which came first, comic strip or novel. Basically, it’s not the same as Tintin, which was originally published in newspapers but later laid out in a less segmented fashion and recoloured and all the rest of it.

It was a very nice book, anyway, aside from the fact that it came from the library and had a stain on the front; it had very thick pages made of some kind of paper that was almost card, and there was a bonus essay on the back page about Jansson and the Moomins, although they could have done us a favour there and made it readable. As it is, if I remember correctly, it was set at about 8 points or something. Far too small for human consumption, and probably to make it fit on one page…

I quite want more now, but I haven’t been into the library in quite a while now, and I’ve never seen any other volumes on the shelves when I go in – they must have been taken out already. Too damn right.


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