TV: The IT Crowd series 4 (2010)

director: Graham Linehan
episodes: 6 * 24 minutes
finished watching on: April 19

I’d actually forgotten that I’d watched this. But apparently it’s my first entry in the TV category. Hooray!

I’m not really sure what to make of it as a whole… it’s good, certainly, but I feel it’s got strong episodes, such as the Countdown episode pictured above, and decidedly weak ones. All I remember of the other ones are a D&D-themed one, one that takes jabs at Scientology, and one that, for some reason, has Noel Fielding’s character turn up in a courtroom at the end. I’ve completely forgotten the context.

Now… I think, to be fair, that this is a trait shared by all the IT Crowd series; they’ve got their strong episodes that I’ll want to come back and watch again, and they’ve got their weak ones that I just feel embarrassed watching, but I’m fairly sure I thought the earlier series were slightly better than this one, in that they had more “strong” episodes. Or maybe I just need to rewatch the episodes or something.

My other complaint is the DVD menus – while previous series generally tended to lampoon famous games from different gaming eras (including Zero Wing, that fighting game, Grow Cube, and even Lemmings on the second series DVD, which I still think is one of the coolest things…), this one bases all its menus on the same game, and at that, apparently an obtuse puzzle game from the internet and one that I’ve not even heard of. It’s kind of annoying really – while it’s not strictly a complaint about the series itself, having fun extras has always been one of the cool things about the IT Crowd DVDs. But never mind.

Here’s to series 5, anyway. This one was certainly a good series – it’s just that I’m having trouble remembering what goes on during it! Should teach me not to delay updating this for so long.


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