Book #12: Good Omens (1990)

authors: Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
language: English
format: audio; read by Stephen Briggs
length: 10 glorious hours
finished on: 2011-04-14

Some book snob might look at the fact that I listened to this in MP3 format rather than reading it in dead tree format and judge me adversely for it. I don’t really care, I still consumed the same words. Actually I’m probably better at listening to stories than I am at reading them sometimes, since if I’m tired I sometimes accidentally skip over a bit. And with audio I can listen to it while walking a lot easier than I can with a proper book. And having an audiobook to listen to encourages me to go for a walk to have an excuse to listen to it, so I get exercise… Oh whatever.

Anyway, this story was very enjoyable and I found myself getting enthralled in it quite easily. A lot of it’s standard Pratchett fare – it uses a lot of the tropes that crop up all the time in Discworld, like the Grim Reaper, and people being generally dense, and that whole “weirdness censor” thing that humans allegedly have. Seeing as I haven’t read any of Gaiman’s other works, I can’t say for sure whether this applies to him as well. I shall have to see (I have since bought one of his books but have yet to start it).

I can’t really be bothered getting into the nitty gritty of it all at the moment, particularly because I finished listening to it two months ago (damn you laziness at updating the blog!). I do remember liking the characters, as a sort of general statement, but finding it a bit too south-of-England-centric (again, roughly standard Pratchett fare then, and it’s never put me off before). One complaint I’d have about the audio version in particular is that Stephen Briggs can’t seem to remember how he’d decided to pronounce the name Crowley; in particular, whether the first syllable rhymed with “low” or “now”. But that’s more of a nitpick and just something that distracted me.

But anyway, those who haven’t read it, which I suspect among my particular group of friends is likely to be a low number of people, go and read it!


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