Comedy: Bill Bailey – Dandelion Mind (2010)

length: 92 minutes
format: DVD
watched on: 8th of April (argh, behind!)

If anyone’s even reading this, yeah, I’ve been putting it off … quite a lot, seeing as I watched this more than 2 months ago.

Thus my comment on it is going to be quite brief. Good, but not as good as Part Troll, which is the only other Bailey comedy gig I’ve seen. I got the impression from this that he’s not necessarily putting in as much effort with his shows; he’s now set for life, and has fans that will adore whatever he does unquestioningly. He seems to just need to crack a funny face and get the audience in stitches.

His particularly co-operative Dublin audience really seemed to make a massive difference to his show, in this case helping to take a joke and string it out into a mock religion or something. So that was good.

But there were certain other times when a joke seemed to come out from left-field – obviously this is standard fare for the comedian in question, but in some ways the freshness seemed to be stripped away when he showed a video towards the end that was a kind of montage of all the weird jokes he’d made during the show, reified. Because suddenly the jokes didn’t feel very special anymore – it’s the same effect that I get if I ever see a comedian twice doing the same routine. Maybe I’m spoilt by the rarer kind of comedian that will just get up on stage and start ranting about whatever pops into their head.

Oh, and he used that whole rewrite-a-well-known-song-as-a-German-techno-mashup trope already (in Part Troll… du machst das Hokie-Kokie…)! Get something new!

And maybe I’m just an old fart about this, but I really don’t “get” encores. Why can’t they just finish and leave? By the time he came back to do the third encore, most of the audience had left!

Anyway, I did enjoy it (and will have to watch it again), but I was just as interested in the extra on the DVD which was a short documentary about him travelling round backwater villages in the highlands and islands of Scotland and weird corners of England and playing to local audiences. Very different atmosphere to the DVD itself which was filmed in a massive arena in Dublin.


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