Film: Loose Cannons (2010)

aka: Mine vaganti
language: Italian
director: Ferzan Ozpetek
length: 113 minutes
watched on: 25/2
film still
I’m breaking some sort of fast on film-watching with this film; it’s been about a month since the last one. I’m getting too caught up in reading books, and more importantly, there doesn’t seem to be anything good on at the moment. Or at least, nothing that’s caught my eye. Anyway, this is just another gay-themed comedy, but from Italy.

As a quick run down of the plot, guy comes back home to small-town Italy planning to come out to parents and run away/achieve freedom or something; he’s upstaged when his brother comes out instead and runs off leaving him to deal with a father who’s just had a heart attack and left him in charge of the family business.

The only thing is, I can’t think of much to say about the film; it didn’t leave much of a lasting impression on me. I was sad to be reminded that people really do react with horror at some people coming out, but apart from that, I wasn’t really moved by it. I think it tried too hard to inject some emotion into the film in the third act, especially, and couldn’t really decide whether to stick with the comedy aspect.

Anyway, the comedy was good, at least; there were a few decent jokes here and there which made me laugh. And some of the supporting characters were great, like the servants and the grandma, and the four gay guys that show up unexpectedly, trying to hide their very overt campness from the parents. The main character (young guy on the right of the photo) was completely wooden, though, and couldn’t act to save his life.

The story didn’t really hold too much water in my opinion, either, and much of the film consisted of one of those many plots which can only possibly come about because people are being complete idiots. I suppose the way that the father is so patriarchal and expects his sons to take after him in every way – aside from both being gay, neither wants to be in charge of the father’s factory – is a part of Italian culture that I don’t get, in some way. Perhaps just because my parents aren’t like that at all? I couldn’t work out why the brother hadn’t gone “fuck it all” and moved away to Rome, like the main character, years before; it didn’t make much sense to me.

Also there was some kind of weird sexual tension between the main character and the girl sitting opposite him in the photo, and I wasn’t sure if she knew he was gay; she’d certainly met his boyfriend by the end. I couldn’t work out what they were trying to do with that relationship.

Anyway, it was alright, and an entertaining 2 hours, although a 2 hours that reminded me very painfully why it’s a bad idea to drink beer before going into a cinema. The only other lasting effect it had on me was the fact that it was filmed in Southern Italy during the summer last year, and about five minutes after coming out of the cinema I thought “oh, shit, I’m still in Scotland!” It was the fact that it was cold and the fact that I went from hearing Italian (which, to be fair, I don’t understand much of) back to hearing accented English again… But anyway, I guess that’s some kind of mental cue telling me it’d be a good idea to get out this damn country. We’ll see about that, anyway!


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